Stuff worth promoting

So far i’ve been criticising this and that. Now i want to praise and talk about initiatives, ideas, struggles worth spreading and things i’ve liked especially. Maybe it’s going to be a website, an idea, a petition but the idea is that they’re all going to be on this page so come back as i will update it pretty often.

  • These are badges / stickers for bad drivers, to be more exactly for those morons who park their car like shit, eventually on your place, or making it impossible for you to pass or blocking your car, or whatever you get the idea.

Here’s the website:

And here are their stickers (they’re in Romanian they just say „I park like …”):

Another thing I’d like to promote and encourage is good manners and normal behavior online. This attempt has been made so far with these 2 posts on my blog on:

And on the above note, if there are enough people supporting me (and maybe a few helping) i would like to make a page dedicated to making a blacklist of all the Yahoo Messenger contacts who just send out useless mass messages and don’t know how to behave in public places (yes, the Internet is a public place).

And since id’ like to promote my own blog I’m open to link exchanges, so gimme a link of your blog and if i like it you’ll have a link back on the Blogroll

Another thing I’d like to promote is the „Ideas & Projects Workshop” Summer School/Weekend Classes and Conferences (or IPWorkshop/IPW short). I’m directly involved in it as an organizer and it’s my way of trying to change the world, make a smaller or larger difference by trying to teach the younger ones more on IT.

For more info you can visit:

If you’ve got something worth spreading let me know 😉 (by posting a comment and if i like it / by popular demand i’ll promote it to be in the page).


2 răspunsuri to “Stuff worth promoting”

  1. parazitu Says: is your property?:D, anyway good idea :))

  2. Ionutzu Says:

    No, it’s not mine. I just stumbled upon it accidentally and really liked the ideea. You know, i’m open to promoting other people’s ideas as well, not only my own 😀

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