Work in Progress / Comming soon

Right now, coming soon will be the following posts / ideas and the things i want to tackle about them:

  • Faze reale de razi de mori (viata bate filmul)
  • Ipod, iiih, naspa, dar de ce?
  • IPW Weekend Classes (for now, see here what IPW is all about)
  • Yahoo Messenger si vesnica intrebare de spargere a parolei (done, see here )
  • Manele / Manelisti – cumva, candva tre’ sa ma iau si de ei
  • A review of several Antivirus Software based more on experience with them.
  • A review of blogs, wordpress and other „on-line presence tools”
  • A couple of hardware/software reviews, some more general, others more specific
  • Maybe something more personal or more deep, even sentimental, about me, an own experience or my view a given moment/period in life
  • Spam, and once again spam
  • Is google trying to take over the world (i won’t give you more, just that fact that it’s going to be about corporations, globalization and others)
  • De ce sa NU pleci in strainatate sa muncesti (cred ca sunt printre putinii de aceasta parere si vreau sa o impartasesc cu voi) si poate cateva chestii de work and travel
  • and more …

Not necessarily in the above order (soon i’ll sort them a little bit and keep only the ones i’m very sure about).

This page replaces the initial under construction page and some of the content i wanted to add to the about page.

Not that i wouldn’t have ideas, I’m an idiot and by that I mean I’m a man full of ideas 😛 (not my own, it’s a quote from an old ex-friend) but i would want to know also what you‘d like me to write about.

Yours untruly

(Last update 12 October 2008 @ 23:20)


5 răspunsuri to “Work in Progress / Comming soon”

  1. Blitzkr1eg Says:

    Nu te lua de manelisti. Nu cobori pana acolo 🙂

  2. Ionutzu Says:

    locuind intr-o zona unde amploarea manelismului e foarte ridicata … as vorbi si de ei … merita sa ma mai iau si eu de ei

  3. B@ck to blogging « Blogu’ lu’ Ionutzu Says:

    […] si/sau altele (o sa mai adaug si post si/sau in pagina Work In Progress/Comming Soon) […]

  4. B@ck to blogging, comming soon - Blogu’ lu’ Ionutzu Says:

    […] si/sau altele (mai vedeti si pagina Work In Progress/Comming Soon) […]

  5. » B@ck to blogging, comming soon Blogu' lu' Ionutzu Says:

    […] si/sau altele (mai vedeti si pagina Work In Progress/Comming Soon) […]

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