Great ideas, power, money, relationships and others

Now, as i was supposed to learn for my failed exams, since i am not in the mood to do that i bring you yet another post. Almost always when you have to do something you don’t particularly like, then anything else sounds more tempting.

I was always fond of original ideas, even the fact of being different, off the patterns. I always appreciated an original person and/or someone who would come up with great ideas. I liked a lot an example given to me, of what’s a great idea to make much greater profit. Let’s take for example a company producing matches. What if, the producer would make certain the match boxes always had the company’s logo on the side on which it opened for example. Then keep that on the market for some months, enough to form a habit for the customers using those matches. Then, all of a sudden, stop respecting that rule, or even put the logo altogether on the back. Everybody would open up the matchbox and have all the matches fall on the floor. They would get pissed off, but next, because it’s  very cheap object, they would buy another one. Now think bigger / global. That could very well double the company’s sales and with no affect to their brand, as the quality of the product remains the same and there’s almost no extra expense in doing this. (If you ever use this idea or a derivative from it, i want my cut 😉 ). Citește restul acestei intrări »


Why do good TV series end or go bad? (Episode 1)

It’s a question i think we all have (if you watch TV series) asked ourselves at least once when you found out after a great evolution of a TV series (and i don’t mean shows, but episodes, movies), goes bad or ends unexpectedly without much word from it again.

Unfortunately, i think the main reason to blame is the audience, and especially the American audience who watch the show and them being the main target they kinda decide, of course based on ratings.

And unfortunately the American public isn’t the smartest of them all. Citește restul acestei intrări »

Net Etiquette or the unwritten rules of communication on the net (piece 1.5)

Since the Internet has developed and expanded it’s content, now even more and more based on user-generated content, some have forgotten (maybe on purpose or to look cool) how to behave.

netiquette some logoI first heard about the netiquette years ago (about the year 2000) when i started having a more intense activity on the Internet. They refer to a general conduct while posting/chatting/commenting/any other form of expressing one’s opinion and beliefs online.

We’re all still people, even on the Web and what disturbs people offline will bother them on-line as well.

This article is peice 1.5 because piece 1 was the article on Messenger Stupid Mass Messages (written in Romanian) and piece 2 or 2.5 is also an article in Romanian, „Yahoo Messenger, hi5 and the path of stupidity”. Also an interesting article on kinda’ the same note (also in Romanian) would be „On Cracking Yahoo passwords and other similar bullshit”

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Speed and the „more” factor will be the downfall of software products

This time i won’t start from the title, i can tell you only, it isn’t what you think, you’ll realize that by the end of the post.

Unfortunately, lately (about one year ago, maybe more) i’ve noticed some bad tendencies in the software market.

Nero Burning Rom Version 6We’ll start our discussion with a well-known and widely used application: Nero Burning Rom. Many of the people i know still believe 6 to be the best version. But what’s the problem with it as of late? Well it has become bloated and by bloated what i mean is that instead of having just plain good old Nero Burning Rom they added tons of extra software like Showtime, Nero Scout (a sort of google desktop) and maaaany others. This one (Nero Scout) adds services and eats up resources and you have to remove most of it manually you can’t do it from the setup of the program or even fully disable it from the program interface. I don’t need all that crap. Citește restul acestei intrări »

„Women Are (Critical) Bitches” (c)

The title is a quote by Ana, an ex-colleague from the university and friend. I just gave her the credit for it, although its quite a well known fact and added the parenthesis >:) . And not only that they’re critical in general, many of them have low self esteem because of their over-criticality with themselves.

Why do you think they always ask us „How does this look on me?” or the classical one, gaining weight. And you’d better get the answer she was expecting or expect a useless, neverending quarrel as a next thing. Not to mention them comming back from a haircut and expecting us to be like „wow” on a minor change like cutting their hair tips (as a note for all you girls, cutting the tips of your hair just leaves other tips and the length of the hair is, with less then 1 cm, smaller. How the hell on earth do you want us to notice that, should we carry a ruler with us?). Citește restul acestei intrări »

Has Social Networking redefined the personal webpage? (+ funny)

First of all, the funny! I love those pussies (yeah, also those kind too 😛 ). I also own a cat and i think it’s great to have a loving pet giving you a warm welcome at home and putting a smile on your face when you’re sad.Kitty emoticons

Now as i was thinking of these cats i remebered a saying from long ago, said in a denigrating tone when stumbling across a personal website of some teenager: „Aaah.., come on, not another personal webpage with his cats and dogs.” (sounds better in Romanian 😉 ). Well that time has long past, in the meantime some companies have tried to make easy web page builders (which was a good thing, they were the start for our current WYSIWYG Editors such as Dreamveawer and Frontpage). Oh and for those who don’t know WYSIWYG stands for „What You See Is What You Get”. Frontpage is kinda gone, now it’s part of Expression Web Citește restul acestei intrări »