I’m Ionut and now the only thing which comes in mind to complete this is and I’m an alcoholic 😛 . Well i do drink but I’m far from that 😉 .

I’m a 24 year old guy from Romania. One of my passions and main occupations is IT (especially web-oriented). With time I’ll update this page / link it to posts and you’ll get a better picture of me. For now you can check out the „Work in Progress / Comming Soon” page to find out what i’m intending to write about besides the already existing posts / pages. Also the Stuff Worth Promoting page will give you in insight into what i find to be cool ideas/projects/initiatives. The above pages are updates pretty often so you might want to come back to them.

This is supposed to be „A Critical Romanian’s homeboy blog”. On this personal blog you will find a mixture of posts in Romanian and English depending on my mood and of how „Romanian” i find the topic to be 😉 .

You can contact me by mail at the address: ionutmail [at] gmail [dot] com (later on you’ll have contact form replacing this).

Although it’s my personal blog i intend to keep my anonymity (except for the people who already know me, of course) and i won’t go very often (maybe once or twice) into more intimate or sentimental posts/articles. Overall I think you’ll find my personal observation and criticism on the way some things are, also some more technical posts or some life experience / generalization on a given topic.

As for how often I’ll write on this blog, well maybe it’s daily or every couple of days, maybe it’s weekly, maybe more, there’s no rule. You might notice, rarely, some unfinished / work in progress articles which i usually finish in a couple of days. It all depends on my time, mood and inspiration.
Also, the articles containing at the end a text like „Updated on …” means that they have been updated at that given time and might be updated again pretty soon.

For now, that’s all folks,

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

PS: leave comments if you like something or have something to say as i usually reply back pretty fast and if you notice any typos or mistakes feel free to tell me.

(Updated on 22 July 2008 @ 03:45 AM)


3 răspunsuri to “About”

  1. parazitu Says:

    Cunoscandu’l direct pe acest om, va pot spune decat 3 lucruri despre el: un baiat super de treaba, modest, si maestru in IT:))

  2. Gigi de la 4 Says:

    @parazitu’: Pe-asta cu modest n-ai nimerit-o!

  3. Ionutzu Says:

    ma cunosti tu mai bine sa zici? Oricum, ma abtin de la comentarii, prefer altii sa aprecieze

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