Great ideas, power, money, relationships and others

Now, as i was supposed to learn for my failed exams, since i am not in the mood to do that i bring you yet another post. Almost always when you have to do something you don’t particularly like, then anything else sounds more tempting.

I was always fond of original ideas, even the fact of being different, off the patterns. I always appreciated an original person and/or someone who would come up with great ideas. I liked a lot an example given to me, of what’s a great idea to make much greater profit. Let’s take for example a company producing matches. What if, the producer would make certain the match boxes always had the company’s logo on the side on which it opened for example. Then keep that on the market for some months, enough to form a habit for the customers using those matches. Then, all of a sudden, stop respecting that rule, or even put the logo altogether on the back. Everybody would open up the matchbox and have all the matches fall on the floor. They would get pissed off, but next, because it’s  very cheap object, they would buy another one. Now think bigger / global. That could very well double the company’s sales and with no affect to their brand, as the quality of the product remains the same and there’s almost no extra expense in doing this. (If you ever use this idea or a derivative from it, i want my cut 😉 ).

The above was only a starter to get you interested. What i noticed (and I’m sure you did too): people change. And they change in order to adapt, it’s a law of nature. One of the things which changes a person most and so-to-say corrupts them is money. And not only money, but also power. Us, humans, are a very greedy race. Let’s say someone got rich and really powerful. Instead of settling with that, we want more and we don’t know when to stop. We almost never know when to stop, mostly because we overdue things we like. Take drinking alcohol for example.

And since we’re talking about money, i was surprised to see that in my first month (in fact tomorrow will be a full month), this blog, made almost 1600 visitors. I find that great and i want to thank all my readers. I didn’t put much effort in advertising it. I’m proud of what i’ve achieved and am seriousely thinking of moving it to a hosted location so that i can customize it properly and most most importantly put some google adsense on it. At least to recover my hosting expenses. This is good news for you as i’ll be able to customize it’s looks as i want and add plug-ins with polls and other interaction features.

Getting back on topic, another factor which changes us, is a mate. Now i don’t mean that as a friend, but as in the guy with girlfriend situation (i don’t know about the vice-versa situation, i’ll let you grils tell me). But always a relationship changes someone, and, one of the things i noticed, women change you. A lot! Most of women are not fully satisfied with how their man is. So what do they do? Well they don’t accept his faults (well at least not all), they try to tame us, make us better, change us. But not directly, upfront, noooo, the sneaky way so that we, the guys, don’t realise it.
The best way to notice this is when a close friend gets to know a women and they end up together. Observe him over time, see him more rarely to notice the changes better (it’ll happen anyways since she’ll be given more time and attention than you). Oh and don’t ever make him jealous, this could end your friendship.

Very few guys do that. We settle with what we’ve got. We’re more lazy and practical and accept someone for whom they are.

Us, human beings are very interesting. I liked a lot what my father once told be: The Human beings are god’s unsuccessful experiment. We’re the only living beings which hurts itself intentionally, consciously and repeatedly. See smoking (and not only).

We’re also very selfish beings. In fact all living creatures (who can defend and do something against it) are selfish. Some might be altruistic too, but deep behind we do if for ourselves because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Is that a bad thing, being selfish. I say: „Hell no!”, otherwise would have we survived? But selfishness led us to deeply damage our planet (in the future maybe even destroy it, or put in another way, destroy ourselves).

I remember from high-school a very interesting topic we went into at the German classes. When talking about the book „Die Physiker” (don’t remember the author right now, I’ll update this). It’s a great book, worth reading (for all you lazy dudes, it’s short too 😛 ). The topic was the consciousness of the scientist. How responsible can a scientist be. This in the context after the nuclear bombs were dropped. But I’ll give you a more innocent example: the refrigerator, or that substance in spray cans. No one even thought that could harm anything in any way. But later on, it was discovered, that it harms the ozone layer. They fixed it by replacing the active substance. Unfortunately the harm was already done. Nowadays, we have controversies on human cloning, AI and many others.

I’ll leave you with this thought and I’ll come back with to future posts: one related to AI, and that they achieved to have a computer ask itself if it is human and another one on world domination in conjunction with big corporations, google, etc.

Since i don’t like to leave you on a negative note, i’d like to give you something my brother used as a status on yahoo messeneger (with the obvious link to hi5, see this post to see what i mean): „Do Not stand, sit, climb or lean on Zoo fences! If you fall animals could eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you!”


2 răspunsuri to “Great ideas, power, money, relationships and others”

  1. Blitzkr1eg Says:

    Yeah. Humans are really fucked up.
    Here are more examples:
    Its a video of George Carlin (best comedian ever) talking about various human behaviour. This guy is a genius. Everything he sais its god damn true. He’s standups should be taught in schools.
    Now here are 2 quotes about humans:
    #1. „As a species we are fundamentally insane. Put more two of us into a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion ?” from a movie – 100% true
    #2.”I hope intelligent life exists in the Universe, there is no much sign of it on Earth.” Steven Hawking – one of the most intelligent people alive

  2. Ionutzu Says:

    Excelent connection with George Carlin! Why have i forgot about him? Unfortunately he recently died, but still is one of the greatest comedians, i recommend all his shows.

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