Net Etiquette or the unwritten rules of communication on the net (piece 1.5)

Since the Internet has developed and expanded it’s content, now even more and more based on user-generated content, some have forgotten (maybe on purpose or to look cool) how to behave.

netiquette some logoI first heard about the netiquette years ago (about the year 2000) when i started having a more intense activity on the Internet. They refer to a general conduct while posting/chatting/commenting/any other form of expressing one’s opinion and beliefs online.

We’re all still people, even on the Web and what disturbs people offline will bother them on-line as well.

This article is peice 1.5 because piece 1 was the article on Messenger Stupid Mass Messages (written in Romanian) and piece 2 or 2.5 is also an article in Romanian, „Yahoo Messenger, hi5 and the path of stupidity”. Also an interesting article on kinda’ the same note (also in Romanian) would be „On Cracking Yahoo passwords and other similar bullshit”


Last update: 7 dec. 2009 @ 15:34

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