Has Social Networking redefined the personal webpage? (+ funny)

First of all, the funny! I love those pussies (yeah, also those kind too 😛 ). I also own a cat and i think it’s great to have a loving pet giving you a warm welcome at home and putting a smile on your face when you’re sad.Kitty emoticons

Now as i was thinking of these cats i remebered a saying from long ago, said in a denigrating tone when stumbling across a personal website of some teenager: „Aaah.., come on, not another personal webpage with his cats and dogs.” (sounds better in Romanian 😉 ). Well that time has long past, in the meantime some companies have tried to make easy web page builders (which was a good thing, they were the start for our current WYSIWYG Editors such as Dreamveawer and Frontpage). Oh and for those who don’t know WYSIWYG stands for „What You See Is What You Get”. Frontpage is kinda gone, now it’s part of Expression Web … but well, we’re divagating.

Then came the Web 2.0 idea, with social networking, content created by the user, cool desktop-like interfaces, and of course Blogs or weblogs (i like the name, it’s a sort of a log on the web and not a server log).

I think it’s a good evolution, everybody can try out their writing skills, share oppinions. By the way, i want your comments and oppinions on this post, especially on your take on weblogs and attached phenomena 😀 . But there’s also hi5 and others like it. Hmm, i’m not so much into it and especially the security gap it creates by asking your yahoo login and password. I would never (and i haven’t) give that away, to anybody. And most of them are so kiddy-ish and totally uninspired and fake. Did you know that nowadays, recruitment companies google the people they find. I think it’s a bad and totally unhelpfull thing, if we look at it that way, to find on hi5 a picture of you, drunk, after a wild party, or, i don’t know, you saying innapropriate things on your blog. That’s why i prefer to remain anonymous (except for friends). I generally don’t like to be found easily especially on the web by anybody (maybe close friends only).

Overall, blogs, social networking, the internet have evolved and i say in a good way. And except the viruses, need for firewalls and anti-viruses, anti-spyware, anti-spam, …. and all that shit. The current huge processor power had to go somewhere 😛 . Well, but more on that maybe in another post.

Logging off…

UPDATE: I wanted to add something which i forgot initially to write. The cool thing i like about wordpress (i don’t know if i should generalize) is that you can have an entire site made up just on wordpress. And i don’t mean strictly a blog, no, a full blown company website. See for example the revolution theme . I’m sure there are other alternatives for free but i’ve worked with this one.

And another good thing is the understandable, easily understandable code / structure of wordpress especially when it comes to customizing the content of the webpage. So on this note i restate the title slightly different: „Has Social Networking redefined websites?” . Continuing on the same ideea it’s great that it made having a dynamic website easier for everyone (although this means it reduces my customers).

I know there are also joomla, phpnuke, phpbb and other maybe more dedicated software, but the versatility and potential i found in wordpress is unexpected and greatly appreciated. And quite ad-free don’t you think!


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